When I started trading as Aussie Logistics, (a brokerage company) in 2015 in the removals sector of the Australian Logistics Industry I soon realised that a large majority of contractors and other brokerage companies were operating outside of decent moral and ethical behaviour, both with their customers and other companies. The saying “if you cannot beat them join them” was most certainly not an option for me and as opposed to exposing these brokerage and transportation/removal companies I decided to discontinue trading knowing there has to be a better way to do business. I then set out to create something I was proud of regarding the treatment of those, (individuals and companies) I came in contact with on a daily basis.

“Treat people and businesses how you and your business would like to be treated” is my number 1 pillar.

After 8-10 months of ups and downs in both my personal and business life AUSSIEINC was born.
AUSSIEINC is a network of new brands across a broad range of Australian Industries with 3 main missions/pillars in mind.
– Treat others how we wish to be treated
– Work with reputable industry leading professionals and companies that are passionate about what they do and how they operate
– Give back to those who help lay the foundations upon which we are built